Board of Trustees

Those attending the first meeting of the Gray Cemetery Association on  17 April 1911 were:

Since 1911...

A core group of concerned citizens met in early 1911 to form the Gray Cemetery Association to better assist in the perpetuation of the memory of our ancestors and their kindred by carefully preserving the last resting places of all who lie buried in the cemeteries of the Town of Gray, and to inspire in the minds of the present and future generations a high sentiment of regard for the burial places of the dead.

The certificate of organization for the Gray Cemetery Association was dated 12 May 1911 by J.E. Alexander, Deputy Secretary of State. The group has been the primary advocate for the care and management of the cemetery since.

Questions on lot location, sales, rules and regulations, and administration should be directed by email to to Chris Stilkey of D.C. Stilkey & Sons or by phone at (207) 865-3940.